A&E department at Chesterfield Royal Hospital ‘very busy’ today with long waiting hours

Chesterfield Royal Hospital
Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s A&E department is currently ‘very busy’ with people waiting more than three hours to be seen by a doctor.

According to the hospital’s ‘real-time’ information published on their own website, there are currently 36 people waiting to be seen.

The hospital has recorded the A&E department status as ‘very busy’ and people can expect to wait up to about three hours and 20 minutes.

For discharge, the hospital predicts people could be waiting up to more than six hours and 45 minutes.

The information is published on the hospital’s website to encourage people to ‘think twice’ about coming to the A&E department if it is not an emergency and to look at the other options available to them.

Many illnesses and injuries can be treated by other parts of the system, including local pharmacies and the NHS’s 111 service.