8 myths about the Derbyshire Times which are quite frankly stupid

It's time to debunk the silliness once for all.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 12:29 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 2:03 pm
DT myths.

Scroll down so we can set the record straight...

This one leaves us scratching our heads every day. Do us a favour- don't jump on the bandwagon! Take a sec to flick through the paper or scroll through our feed. You'll find it's brimming with positive stories :)
Rubbish. Not only do we have a fantastic monthly business supplement, in this week's DT we're highlighting the area's top small and medium-sized enterprises. We also recently launched the Love Your High Street campaign.

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Unless reporting restrictions are in place, we will report the names, addresses and ages of defendants who appear in court and are permitted BY LAW to do so. It is important to report these details for identification purposes.
You'll find reporters visiting schools, representing the paper at events, selling poppies in November and raising money for charity. We attend court, inquests, crime scenes and council meetings most days. See you around!
Nope. Our newspaper is impartial and does not support any particular party, despite what some people may claim. We strive for balance and to represent both sides of the story so our readers can make up their own minds.
It'd be fun to doss about making up stories for a laugh but we can't. We obtain info from trusted sources and have to adhere to strict guidelines. And FYI- just because you don't agree with a story doesn't mean it's fake news ;)
A 'slow news day?' comment does not a bastion of wit make, sorry. And a story that's not newsworthy to you (but might be newsworthy to someone else) does not a slow news day make, either ;)
Nobody wants to see Chesterfield thrive more than we do. We might report on the good and the bad, but deep down we'll always be rooting for this little gem of a town. So there!