500 bags of dog poo thrown around park

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A warden has slammed “thoughtless” yobs for throwing hundreds of bags of dog waste around a park.

Mark Rawson, dog control officer at Chesterfield Borough Council (CBC), said vandals were deliberately going into Poolsbrook Country Park at night, emptying the canine waste bins and scattering bags across the award-winning recreation area.

Council tax payers have stumped up hundreds of pounds to clear up the dangerous mess – which has even been thrown in the children’s playground at the Staveley site.

Mr Rawson said: “Poolsbrook Country Park is an award-winning green space developed on the site of the former Ireland Colliery.

“Recently, though, it has been spoiled by these thoughtless individuals.

“The dog waste bags have been thrown in the trees, in the bushes, on the grass and even in the children’s play area.

“This isn’t just an isolated incident – it has happened on at least five separate occasions since November with about 500 bags thrown all over the place.

“This means our rangers are taking longer on their daily patrols around the park. They have spent a total of two full working days cleaning up this mess and cost council tax payers an extra £320 to clear it up.

“As well as being an eyesore, dog poo is dangerous if a child or another animal tries to pick it up and eat it,” he added.

Mr Rawson said wardens have stepped up patrols around the park to explain to dog owners the consequences of not picking up after their pet – currently an £80 fine.

CBC has about 1,200 litter bins and 450 waste bins across the borough for dog owners to dispose of canine mess.

• Visit www.saferderbyshire.gov.uk to report dog fouling in your area.