4000-mile trip to Wembley

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MOST people will go the extra mile for their team, but one devoted super-fan is taking it to the extreme – travelling 4000 miles to see the Spireites at Wembley.

Former Cestrefeldrian, Adrian Troth, 31, is swapping the sunny climes of Florida for the sporting grandeur of Wembley stadium in a bid to support his beloved team in the fight for the JP Trophy.

“Considering that Chesterfield is the fourth oldest club in the world and we haven’t been to Wembley since 1995, I think it’s a big deal” said former Stancliffe Hall pupil Adrian, who will be making the trans-Atlantic trip next month.

Adrian – who hasn’t returned to the UK since moving to Winter Haven, Florida in 2010 – will return to Chesterfield for a week, travelling down to Wembley with family and friends for the event.

He said: “We will get to London early on the Sunday, get some food and then get on it.

“Then we will be coming back to Chesterfield and going around town and celebrating with the other fans, hopefully.”

And while he might have forfeited his season ticket in the move across The Pond, Adrian insists he keeps on top of Chesterfield FC news while away.

He even has a signed Spireites shirt hung in the bar he owns, which has attracted the attention of fellow Winter Haven resident, former player Mark De Bolla.

But despite spending two years in the states, he can’t get used to the American term ‘soccer’.

“I just explain that it is called football because you kick it with your foot, and that I am from England and using correct English,” he said.

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