15 things about Chesterfield that even most residents probably won't know

Whether you've grown up in Chesterfield, or just moved to the area, chances are there's some parts of the town's history you don't know.

Monday, 10th December 2018, 11:19 am
Updated Monday, 10th December 2018, 3:55 pm

So we've taken a look and found 15 things that people from the area probably don't know. 6 things almost everyone in Chesterfield will have done by the age of 40.

Only the weight of the lead on the famed steeple holds it in place on top of the bell tower.
A staggering 50,000 walkers and 18,000 cyclists a year venture along the most popular section of Chesterfield Canal's towpath, from Tapton Lock to Staveley every year.

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Despite his accent, Lock, Stock movie hardman Jason Statham comes from Shirebrook. Oh and he competed at the Commonwealth Games as a diver!
So he devised special glass tubes to grow them in, which meant they would be perfectly straight. Stephenson had the tubes made out of glass for his garden at Tapton House. He spent the last 10 years of his life in Chesterfield.
The remains of the Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway line runs alongside the A61 Rother Way. The entrance, is still visible from the bottom of Hollis Lane.
The galloping percussive sound of heavy metal giants like Metallica is said to have originated in the double-bass beats of Motorhead's Overkill. And the drummer who came up with it was Hasland born Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor.
The black and white chequered band around police helmets and caps is accredited to Sir Percy Sillitoe, Chief Constable of Chesterfield from 1923 to 1925.
Lady Olave Baden-Powell, founder of the Girl Guide movement, was born in Chesterfield in 1889. Driving through Chesterfield you may even find yourself on Baden Powell Road
Deric Longden, author of Enough to make a cat laugh and other books about cats, had a small factory making womens lingerie in Chesterfield before taking up writing full-time. He lived on Storrs Road.
Top snooker players Brothers Joe and Fred (pictured) Davis were born in Chesterfield. Joe went on to win the World Snooker Championships 15 times and was the first to achieve the maximum break of 147 in a championship game.
Johnny Pearson who worked with George Martin to launch Cilla Blacks career, was born in Chesterfield. He also wrote the theme tunes for All Creatures Great and Small and Captain Pugwash.
Named after Montague Burton, who came to Chesterfield around 1900 and opened his first shop, Cross Tailoring Co, at Holywell Cross in 1904. By 1939, Burtons (as the Company became known) had 595 shops throughout Britain.
She was appointed in 1925 to Chesterfield Borough Police and her duties involved assisting with incidents involving women.
Robinsons were the first manufacturers to produce the disposable nappy, all others having thought it would never make a profit.
No one knows for sure why the pomegranate tree came to appear on the 1598 seal of the Borough of Chesterfield, but it's where the theatre gets its name. It does not appear on any other town or city coats of arms in the country.