11 common complaints made by the people of Chesterfield

Most of the time, Cestrefeldians are happy and positive - but they're certainly not afraid to speak out when something's getting on their wick.

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 2:46 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 3:53 pm
Chesterfield from above.

Here's a list of common gripes made by Chesterfield folk at the moment, based on comments on our Facebook page as well as the results of a recent Derbyshire Times' survey on the town centre.

People regularly grumble about the number of empty stores in the heart of Chesterfield. However, the town's MP Toby Perkins said recently that 93 per cent of units in Chesterfield are actually being used.
Many Chesterfield residents have a number of crime concerns, espcially about anti-social behaviour (ASB). Latests figures show ASB is down in Chesterfield town centre - from 110 reports in Dec 2017 to 67 in Dec 2018.

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Lots of folk say they're put off from visiting Chesterfield town centre because of 'high' parking charges. The borough council has decided not to increase fees for council-run car parks for the next year, however.
There were 18 people sleeping rough in Chesterfield in autumn 2018, according to latest Government estimates. The town's rough sleepers can currently access a night shelter. They should visit Pathways for more information.
Chesterfield market faces the same challenges as other markets. The borough council says it's not increased rates for traders for the last four years and 'listens very carefully' to traders.
The borough council used 10,838 of taxpayers' cash to deal with illegal Gypsy and Traveller encampments last year. The authority insists it will continue to 'react quickly' when faced with illegal camps.
Some people are rather pessimistic when it comes to Chesterfield's major developments. However, lots of work is happening to make them a reality. Residents are being urged to support developers as they work to revitalise the town.
Street fundraisers - also known as 'chuggers' - are the bane of many shoppers' lives. But it's important to remember that they're doing their job. Simply say 'no, thank you' if you want to avoid them.
A number of roadworks are taking place in Chesterfield at the moment. The county council apologises for any inconvenience caused and says the works will eventually improve roads for drivers.
Horns Bridge roundabout has been dubbed The Third Circle of Hell. There are regularly near misses and collisions on the horror junction. Drivers are being urged to take care on the busy roundabout - and indeed everywhere else.
One or two keyboard warriors want DT reporter Michael Broomhead to be shown the door - but he's not going anywhere. He'll continue to report on key issues - including the discarding of pants on footpaths.