The 10 worst things about Chesterfield right now - according to you

Deep down, we all love Chesterfield - but us human beings love a moan. So here are the 10 worst things about Chesterfield at the moment - based on what you're telling us...

Monday, 13th June 2016, 2:40 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:39 pm
We all love Chesterfield really...

Anti-social behaviour

Over the last few months, we've run loads of stories about yobbish behaviour in Chesterfield town centre - and won praise from residents for keeping the issue in the public eye. Many Cestrefeldians reckon anti-social behaviour is getting worse in the area - but police insist it's not out of control. Sergeant Dave Nicholls, the man in charge of the team which polices the town centre, says: "We don't see it (yobbish behaviour) a lot." If you see it, make sure you tell the cops - simply call 101.

'Ghost town'

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A lot of shoppers are worried Chesterfield is becoming a 'ghost town'. The high street Burton store shut on Saturday and BHS will soon close. Other empty town buildings include the former Chesterfield Hotel and the old Abacus bar. But as we've reported extensively recently, there are lots of exciting things happening in the area - Chesterfield Waterside, the Co-op redevelopment, the Peak Resort masterplan, to name just three.


We've all been there... you're walking through Chesterfield town centre minding your own business - and then you're set upon by chuggers. It's irritating - but let's not forget these people are only doing their job and trying to raise money for very worthwhile causes. A polite 'no, thank you' should be all it takes to be left alone...


If you live in the Duckmanton area of Chesterfield, you'll no doubt be sick of flies apparently coming from a nearby landfill site. Resident Tiffany Jarvis says her house is currently 'invaded' by the pests. The problem is so bad she's having to take her kids out for meals because the flies keep landing on their food. The site operator says it's taken action following the complaints. Let's hope it's enough to end the long-running problem once and for all...


There seem to be potholes here, there and everywhere on our roads. Chatsworth Road is particularly bad. Potholes can damage your car in all sorts of ways - but the cash-strapped county council says it's doing all it can to fix the backlog of road defects. Report potholes by calling the council on 01629 533190 or emailing [email protected]

Bad driving

From parking pests to disrespectful, dangerous and damn right terrible driving... our roads can be hellish. And don't even mention Horns Bridge roundabout.

Dog mess

Most Chesterfield dog owners are responsible and clean up after their pet - but some have no shame and just leave the mess there to disgust people. It's been a big issue in Brimington and Hollingwood recently. To report dog fouling, contact Chesterfield Borough Council on 01246 345735.

Pound shops

Most of us love a bargain and this has led to an increase in pound shops across Chesterfield but some residents claim there are now too many of them on our high street.

Public art

A lot of you love Chesterfield's public art and think it brightens up the town - but many of you aren't fans and think it's unnecessary and a waste of money.

The weather

It was beautiful weather last week - but look at it now! Hopefully the warm, sunny conditions will make a comeback before autumn officially starts in 11 weeks' time...

What do you think are the worst - and best! - things about Chesterfield right now? Sign in and comment below or have your say on our Facebook page...