Seven wonders of summer survival

Holiday row
Holiday row

GREAT expectations are often placed on our eagerly anticipated summer break.

But as the temperature outside rises, so can the potential for arguments, tension or upset with your loved ones, and that’s before any disappointments, illnesses or weather washouts.

Chesterfield Relate has revealed it often sees a surge in calls after the holidays because people haven’t had the dream getaway they planned.

Relate manager Lynn Tory said: “Spending more time together without the usual distractions of work and routine can sometimes expose underlying tensions and this can lead to arguments.

“Even choosing the holiday and getting organised for it can cause disagreements.”

To help stop holiday conflict the charity has created seven survival tips for a happy holiday experience.

1) Get planning

Make special plans together to enjoy the long summer days and stick to them. If budget is a problem, make use of special offer vouchers.

“I’m bored” is often a common phrase at family homes in the long school break. Give children responsibility for making a wish list of what they’d like to do - but with a budget.

2) Relax

If you are planning a ‘staycation’, make sure you switch off. Be sure not to look at work emails or answer work calls.

3) Stay cool

Being hot can often make you fractious and can cause arguments. Cool down by jumping in the paddling pool with the children or even have a romantic water fight!

4) Be sensitive

Try to see things from the views of your partner, or each family member. They might want different things from your break, but it’s about compromising to make sure you all get the best from the holidays.

5) Delegate

Take the pressure off by involving everyone in packing and preparation.

6) Get closer

Make use of time to reconnect as a couple both emotionally and physically

7) Talk and listen

Unrealistic and unrealised expectations, disappointment and communication breakdowns are things Relate counsellors hear frequently. Make sure you keep talking and listening to each other about your needs from a holiday.