Where can I go walking in Chesterfield? Best walking trails in Chesterfield

With 2021 entering the cool season of autumn, it’s the perfect time to get your walking boots on.

Monday, 27th September 2021, 1:16 pm
Updated Monday, 27th September 2021, 1:16 pm
Linacre reservoir

Following the sweltering heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter, there’s a brief period of a happy medium in between – autumn.

It’s the best time of year to get walking, with its gentle breezes and the sounds of leaves crunching underfoot. With all the beautiful trails that Chesterfield has to offer, what’s your excuse?

Here’s five of the best walking trails in Chesterfield, for those who’d like to get active.

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Linacre Reservoirs

A forested area with plenty of views, Linacre Reservoirs is a great place to go walking for everyone. Beginners shouldn’t have much of a problem with it, while there’s plenty of interesting sights to see for experienced hikers.

It’s a very peaceful stroll, shrouded in trees with a plethora of wildlife to see and admire. As it’s a relatively short walk of under 5 kilometres, you may even consider going around the trail a couple of times.

It’s also ideal for biking, running and dog-walking, but be careful in the narrow sections of the pathway if this what you’d like to do on your travels.

Hardwick Ponds

While Hardwick Ponds is a trail that’s traditionally enjoyed in the spring, it’s no less breathtaking during the autumnal months.

There’s a lot to see during your walk here. Hardwick Ponds has an abundance of animals living within its borders, the most notable of which being the rare Longhorn cattle on the farm. There’s also swans, herons and kingfishers for nature enthusiasts to marvel at.

The area is also steeped in history, with Lady Spencer’s walk and the duck decoy from the 1600s.

Fire Pits Trails

A more challenging walk than the previous two, Fire Pits Trails may be more appealing to ambitious hikers than those simply looking for a gentle stroll.

Clocking in at about 7 and a half miles, travelling the full extent of Fire Pits Trails is no easy feat, but is also extremely rewarding all the same. There’s a few steep slopes in there as well, so be prepared.

People wanting a more laid-back experience may take solace in the tranquil picnic area, as well as the wonderful views that this trail has to offer.

Chesterfield Canal Path

Chesterfield’s Canal Path offers a multitude of different walking experiences across its expanse of 46 miles. With plenty of routes to take, you can always pick and choose the right one for you.

The Bluebank Loop offers an array of fauna to be seen, including water voles and kingfishers. Meanwhile, the Roundhouse Ramble and Eckington provides some rich modern history of the area.

For anyone needing some refreshments on their walk, there’s also plenty of pubs and cafes dotted around for your convenience.

Middlecroft/Renishaw Park

For those who want a challenge in their hiking experience, look no further than the trek from Middlecroft to Renishaw Park.

Experienced walkers shouldn’t have a problem with it, but beginners may want to try something a little bit shorter and smoother. At 9.2 kilometres, it’s not for everyone.

However, those who undertake the journey will be greeted with a brilliant landscape and a quaint little cafe at the end to top it all off. Its length also makes this trail ideal for bikers.