TV presenter Julia Bradbury's favourite Peak District walk

Television presenter Julia Bradbury credits a Peak District beauty spot as one of her favourite walks.

By Gay Bolton
Tuesday, 17th May 2022, 2:50 pm
Julia Bradbury with her father Michael who took her walking in the Peak District when she was a little girl.
Julia Bradbury with her father Michael who took her walking in the Peak District when she was a little girl.

The former Countryfile broadcaster said: “Dovedale valley along the River Dove is a favourite - reminds me of walking with Dad when I was a little girl; plus, it is gorgeous and peaceful along the river.

“My Dad took me walking in the Peak District when I was a little dot, in the very same territory that he’d grown up in and explored when he walked as a boy (around Buxton, Stanage Edge and the Dovedale Valley). I’ll never forget those days and years spent with him hiking across craggy landscapes, and it’s only now that I've lived a little I understand what a gift he gave me - learning to love green spaces - and realising how much we all need them.”

When asked whether her children share her passion for the outdoors, Julia said: “They have no choice! One of my (twin) girls takes a bit more persuading but once she’s out, she’s running along like the rest of us.

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Dovedale is one of Julia Bradbury's favourite walks (photo: Instagram/somewhere_at_home)

“We learn about the trees and flowers together, listen to the birds, play games along the way and chat. Make it a mini-adventure for them when they’re younger and they’ll grow to love it. I have a great phone-app too that helps identify plants and flowers which they like using for ‘research’. We take a notebook out with us to keep a log of what we’ve seen.”

For those new to hiking, Julia offered her top tips. She said: “Start with friends so you can share the sense of discovery and achievement together (great for bonding too). Never go hiking in brand new boots – as lovely as it is to unpack them – a good pair of walking boots is a worn-in pair. Wear them at home/to the shops/on the treadmill. You should also invest in a comfortable good fitting backpack - nobody wants sore shoulders and backache heading out. For maintaining body temperature, I wear layers… and pack a few more in my rucksack. You can always strip off or layer up.”

Julia was interviewed for a promotion by outdoor clothing specialists Millets.

Her TV credits include presenting Planet Earth Live and Britain’s Best Walks.

Julia Bradbury takes in the view from Edale.
Julia Bradbury visiting Chatsworth House.
Julia Bradbury shares happy memories of childhood walks with her dad Michael in the Peak District.