Property prices have been analysed to find where was the most expensive area to buy a house in 2021.

Chesterfield's most expensive - and cheapest - areas to buy a house revealed

Analysis of new figures has revealed which were the most expensive – and cheapest – areas to buy a house in Chesterfield in 2021.

Monday, 4th July 2022, 8:38 am

Zoopla said that the data highlights how localised the housing market across England and Wales is, with prices often reflecting the housing stock available in the area.

Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that of the 19 council wards in Chesterfield, Walton saw the highest median house price in 2021, at £260,000.

This was followed by West (£259,000) and Linacre (£245,000).

By contrast, the cheapest parts of Chesterfield to purchase property were Holmebrook, which had a median house price of £127,500, Brimington North (£130,000) and Barrow Hill and New Whittington (£142,000).

The median – the middle number in a series – is used to ensure the figures are not skewed by extreme highs or lows.

Meanwhile, there was an increase in the number of houses sold in Chesterfield in 2021, rising from 1,383 in 2020 to 1,581 last year.

Of sales last year, 9% (144) were in St Leonard's – making it the busiest area for buyers.

At the other end of the scale, Middlecroft and Poolsbrook saw just 46 properties sold in 2021, earning it the title of quietest area of Chesterfield borough's property market.

Here are the average prices for homes in every ward in Chesterfield for 2021:

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