RECIPE: Duet of melon flower, with fresh figs

University of Derby Buxton chef lecturer Robert Stordy’s latest recipe is an impressive-looking starter which is easy to prepare.

Monday, 30th December 2013, 7:17 pm
Duet of melon flower with fresh figs

Duet of melon flower, with fresh figs - serves 2-4


1 Galia or Ogen melon

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1 Charentaise melon – optional

2 figs


Slice off both ends of the melon and remove the skin with a knife.

Cut in half length ways and remove the pips.

Slice thinly 2-3 mm with a knife of on a ‘mandolin’ or vegetable slicer.

Roll the slices one by one into a small cornet and arrange around the plate.

Repeat with a further layer working in to the centre of the plate.

Accompany with slices of fresh fig. Alternately serve with slices of prosciutto,

Champagne or Mojito sorbet, or drizzle with Port.


Melons in shops tend to be very under ripe, buy well in advance - up to two weeks and leave to ripen in your kitchen but not in the fridge, placed next to bananas they will ripen quickly.