Nexus Fostering encouraging families to consider care

Have you considered fostering as a career – could you care?

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Thursday, 1st July 2021, 7:30 am
Currently there are around 44,500 foster families in England, and there is still a need for more

With thousands of foster carers needed every year, local independent fostering agency Nexus Fostering is encouraging individuals and families across Derbyshire to consider a career in fostering and help local vulnerable young people.

Currently there are around 44,500 foster families in England, according the Fostering Network, and there is still a need for more with an increasing number of vulnerable children coming into care in the UK.

Sharing her story, Nexus foster carer Claire has been fostering for 17 years, where she started her fostering career as a short-term carer. Over the years Claire has fostered more than 100 children and is now a long-term carer for three sisters and a 17-year-old.

Nexus Fostering is encouraging residents across the region to consider fostering,

Claire said: “This is honestly the best job I have ever had; it’s so rewarding.

“I know I have made a massive difference to all these children, and they are getting better day by day. Sometimes, I am absolutely worn out but then one says “I love you” or waves from the stage of a show and it makes it all worthwhile.

“Lots of people say, “I’d love to be a foster carer” or “I would, but I couldn’t give them up”, which is what I used to say. It’s emotional, but you get lots of support and help when children move on, and you always make it a positive experience.”

Claire’s birth children have also been a huge support for her during her fostering journey.

“We would encourage anyone to consider just how rewarding a career in fostering can be."

Nexus Fostering is calling for more foster carers and encouraging residents across the region to consider fostering, to meet the growing demand for vulnerable children and young people in need of a loving home.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the number of children needing foster care and has been a challenging time for all those involved.

The organisation understands that every child is different and there are several opportunities for fostering including siblings, teenagers, respite, parent and child as well as carers to work with young people with more complex needs.

While sharing her story with us, Claire gave an insight into what it is like to be a foster carer: “You have to be very organised; being a foster carer is a career which on any given day could entail different schools, after school clubs, assemblies, shows, parents evenings, holidays, meetings, medical appointments, education meetings, being an advocate for the children, keeping them safe, healthy, and happy and also teaching them life skills to help them when they have to go out on their own.

“Making children feel safe, warm, and loved is so rewarding, I have seen them in tears just because they don’t want to leave me!”

She added: “Some children have been challenging, but working with them and seeing even a slight difference is so rewarding. I love them all and they love me.

They are now part of our family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Peter Norman, recruitment manager for Nexus Fostering said: “We would encourage anyone to consider just how rewarding a career in fostering can be, you truly are helping to shape and change the lives of vulnerable young people. Becoming a foster carer is important to enable these children to grow and flourish into independent, well-rounded adults, providing them with the security to be themselves and the experience of being carefree.

“Nexus Fostering offer outstanding support with help available 24 hours, 365 days a year for our carers. We will also support our carers through training with no specific qualification needed for fostering. Our training programmes are tailored and personalised to reflect the needs of the children you are looking after.

“If you are a nurturing, compassionate, patient and understanding person who enjoys caring and supporting others, or if you have any questions about fostering and the variety of roles available then we would love to hear from you.”

For more information about starting your new career and becoming a foster carer with Nexus Fostering, visit or give them a call on 0800 389 0143.