Vindaloo or Korma? Nation's favourite curry revealed

The nation's favourite dish is uncovered and top chef, Jeff Baker, reveals his top tips to cook the perfect curry at home

Friday, 11th October 2019, 12:36 pm
Who doesn't love a curry?
Who doesn't love a curry?

Curry is a favourite in households across the country, from Tikka Masala to Jalfrezi. Everyone loves a curry, so much so that new research has been carried out, to determine the country's ultimate curry dish.

MORE ON THIS: WHO YOU VOTED AS CHESTERFIELD'S BEST CURRY HOUSEExperts at Farmison & Co, an award-winning online butchers, have determined that the biryani is the UK's most-loved curry, according to analysis of online searches. An average of 27,062 Google searches, per month, shows Biryani to be the highest searched-for curry on the net. In honour of National Curry Week, executive development chef, Jeff Baker, reveals his secrets on how to cook your favourite dish at home, Biryani or not.

Baker says: "Spices are the foundation of all good curries and using fresh, whole spices wherever possible will ensure your curry bursts with flavour. Always cook your spices over hot oil, unleashing the powerful aromas which you can then build your complimenting ingredients on top of.

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"A great curry takes patience. Preparing and searing your meat, selecting the right, fresh spices and cooking out your onions until they are caramelised is the secret to creating a well balanced, powerful flavour."

Alongside his advice to conquer the common mishaps, Baker, also offers tips and tricks to become the champion of the homemade curry.

Baker says: "To ‘temper’ your spices means to heat them up in oil to bring out their flavours, before starting off your curry. It’s a simple, quick step that reaps rewards when it comes to enhancing your dish.

"Season as you go along, being careful not to add too much salt. Lemon juice and sugar are also great for seasoning curries and balancing out any big, overpowering flavours.

"Garnishes are much more than a nifty way to make your curry look prettier. Making your curry look fancier is fun, but garnishes can also add texture and extra deliciousness to your dish. Try out different garnishes such as flaked almonds, poppy seeds, fried onions or fresh pomegranate jewels to really spruce up your curry."

The top ten of the UK's favourite curry's placed Biryani at the top with Rogan Josh, following a close second with 18,100 searches, tops the table much higher than the well-known Tikka Masala, sitting in 9th place with only 9,900 searches per month.