Chesterfield set to be hotter than Barcelona as temperatures soar

Chesterfield is currently basking in bright sunshine and warmer temperatures, with this week set to see the mercury rise to temperatures hotter than those in Barcelona.

Monday, 13th May 2019, 4:11 pm
Temperatures are set to soar this week.

This afternoon will continue to see bright, uninterrupted sunshine. The temperature will reach its peak of 19C after 3pm and remain so throughout the afternoon.

But what about Tuesday?

A chilly start though warming up quite rapidly, with plenty of sunshine in the morning. Dry throughout but turning rather cloudy at times in the afternoon. Maximum temperature 20 °C

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And Wednesday to Friday?

Dry, largely sunny on Wednesday, warm by day but chilly at night. Turning cloudier, breezy and cooler on Thursday. Cloudy and breezy on Friday, with outbreaks of rain spreading west.

What is the long-term forecast for Chesterfield? (Saturday, May 18 to May 27)

"Daily detail is uncertain but it is most likely to remain changeable into the weekend, with an increasing risk of showers, perhaps with some longer spells of rain spreading to many parts.

"The showers could become heavy, with a small risk of thunder. There will also be some drier spells, with the driest, brightest weather most likely to be in west and northwest Scotland, where it will also be warmest.

"Temperatures elsewhere will be close to or rather below average at first, especially in parts of the east, but they will tend to become a little warmer through next week.

"The changeable conditions are most likely to continue through to the end of the period, with showers at times, but there will also be some drier and brighter interludes."