The Derbyshire primary schools that are the hardest to get your child into for September 2022

New figures have revealed the most oversubscribed primary schools in Derbyshire for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Monday, 6th June 2022, 10:58 am

Parents and guardians across the county learned earlier this year which primary school their child had been placed in.

Overall, Derbyshire County Council made approximately 10,600 offers of places on National Offer Day.

Of those parents who applied for a reception place by the closing date, 95.3 per cent (7,112 children) were offered their first-choice school.

In addition, 2.9 per cent (245), had their second preference met for a place in September.

Another 0.45 per cent (34) were given a place at their third preference; and the remaining 1.35 per cent have been offered either their normal area school if places are available or the nearest school with vacancies to the home address where the normal area school is oversubscribed.

First preferences are higher than in 2021. Overall 98.6 per cent of pupils were allocated one of their three preferences, which is slightly higher than the 98.3 offered one of their preferred schools in 2021, representing a continuing positive picture.

The new figures show which primary schools in Derbyshire are hardest to get into for the next academic year – with a total of 73 being oversubscribed, the most being Highfields Spencer Academy in Derby which has 30 children on its waiting list.

Below is a list of those schools, including the number of places and how many children are on each school’s waiting list, which are relevant to Derbyshire Times readers.

Parents and carers not been offered a place for their child at their preferred school have the right of appeal to an independent panel.

Information on how to appeal is available on the Derbyshire County Council website here.

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