Parents defend Chesterfield school at centre of bullying row

Parents have moved to defend a Chesterfield school at the centre of a bullying row.

Sunday, 8th December 2019, 3:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 1:16 pm

Several parents came forward to say they had concerns with North Wingfield Nursery and Primary School over bullying and the progress of their children.

However, now a number of other parents have jumped to the school’s defence.

Fiona Gould, of Padley Way, North Wingfield, has two children at the school, Toby, aged seven, in Year 3, and Year 1 pupil Seb, aged five.

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Parents have moved to praise North Wingfield Primary School, including, from left, Emma Grain, Jane Fisher, Rachael James, Laura Walters, Jody Walters, Donna Steele and Cally Bell.

The 47-year-old said: “I moved up from Oxford two years ago and my two boys are excelling.

“We ask them all the time about bullying because they have different accents, but there have been no problems at all.

“The teachers have really helped my children.”

Kerry Bailey, 42, has praised the school for its support for her son Archie, seven, who has autism.

She said: “He has been massively supported by the teaching staff team. They reinforce positive play and have swiftly acted on any past incidents diffusing them promptly. They speak to all the children as a whole group about acceptable behaviours and being kind to others.

“My son's disability could potentially make him a prime candidate for bullying because of his social difficulties and yet he's thriving, he has formed friendships and his class mates understand he thinks differently to them and they embrace that. This acceptance and progress is down to the school. They are driven by being inclusive to everyone. I have nothing but praise for the school.”

The DT was also invited in to the school to speak to a number of parents who wanted to praise the Chesterfield Road school.

Donna Steele, 36, also has two children at the school – Year 6 pupil Paul-Junior Guy, 10, and four-year-old Rose Guy in reception.

She said: “My son had issues both educational and with bullying and all I can say is that the school has been amazing in dealing with them both. My son is now a confident boy whois doing better every single day.

“If he ever has any problems, he speaks to the teachers and things are dealt with promptly and that is all thanks to the school and the support it provides, not only to my son, but to me as a parent as well.”

Laura Walters’s son Ryeleigh, aged 11, who has ADHD and Tourette’s syndrome, was in Year 6 last year, before moving up.

The 38-year-old, of Grassmoor, said: “If it wasn’t for the school, they would never have been recognised or treated, or Ryeleigh got the support he needed.”

Mrs Walters, who has two other children still at the school – Marleigh, seven, in Year 2, and Pixie, four, in reception, said: “Ryeleigh lashed out a lot at other children at school, but every time he did, he was excluded and was made to write a letter of apology and take it to the child when he was allowed back into school.”

“I’ve had issues with Marleigh and Pixie too, due to certain children hitting and kicking under the table and both times I went in and it was sorted immediately with no fuss and nothing has ever happened since.”

She said her overall experience of the school was “very positive”.

Mrs Walters said: “They could not do anything more for me.”

Rachael James, 31, from North Wingfield, has three children at the school – Ella Marson, 10, in Year 6, Kiera Scott, seven, in Year 3, and Evie Scott, six, in Year 2.

She said: “Ella has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and I have had a lot of support with her.

“I have had conversations and support from staff, they have supported her and put extra intervention in place for her.”

Emma Grain, 30, has children Matthew Hasell, seven, in Year 3, Kian Daly, five, in Year 1, and three-year-old Jackson Daly in the school’s nursery.

She said Matthew and Kian were “quite shy”, but the school had been a great help in developing their confidence.

She said: “I was so happy with the way they were being helped, I moved Jackson into the nursery because I really want him to be in the school.”

Rachael Peacock, school headteacher, welcomed the positive comments from parents.

She said: “I am immensely proud of the positive support following the initial article and the good relationships we have with our parents.”