Built to last – the top 10 cars for covering massive mileage

Built to last – the top 10 cars for covering massive mileage
Built to last – the top 10 cars for covering massive mileage

Britain’s roads might seem to be clogged with new cars as drivers embrace the lure of PCP deals and the promise of a shiny new car every three years but new data has found there are plenty of old stagers still going strong long after they’ve left the showroom.

Many people baulk at the idea of driving something with mileage that’s reached six figures but a mere 100,000 is small fry to the more than 73,000 vehicles with in excess of 250,000 miles on the clock.

Top of the 250k club is the Skoda Octavia, with an impressive 1,950 still road legal after topping quarter million miles mark.

Close behind is the Volkswagen Passat, with 1,874 still going strong despite having covered the equivalent of 10 times around the Earth.

Toyota’s pioneering Prius hybrid is third on the list, with 1,742 showing more than 250,000 miles. It’s the first of two Toyotas, proving the brand’s reputation for reliabiliity is well deserved.

Holy Grail for motorists on a budget

The figures were uncovered by motoring organisation Motoreasy, which dug into DVSA MOT data to find the models most likely to make it beyond 250,000 miles.

Top 10 cars with more than 250,000 miles

Rank  Model Number of cars
1 Skoda Octavia 1,950
2 VW Passat 1,874
3 Toyota Prius 1,742
4 Ford Mondeo 1,278
5 VW Golf 1,047
6 Toyota Avensis 1,027
7 Audi A4 997
8 Mercedes E-Class 956
9 Ford Galaxy 899
10 Audi A6 637

MotorEasy founder Duncan McClure Fisher said: “Finding a car that’ll run and run is the Holy Grail for most motorists on a budget.

“If you’re investing in a vehicle you want it to last as long as possible, and many of the cars in this list will also have been used in the taxi trade, too.

“And with more high-mileage examples on the road than any other car, the Skoda Octavia appears to have real staying power.

Toyota Prius
The mini-cabbers’ favourite Toyota Prius is among the most common high-mileage cars in the country (Photo: Toyota)

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“It’s also slightly surprising that the Toyota Prius is in the top three.

“But when a car has such good fuel economy – around 80 miles to the gallon for the latest model – it’s no wonder Prius owners want to keep them on the road for as long as humanly possible.”


Meanwhile, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was at the head of a separate list for vans and taxis – trouncing nearest rival the Ford Transit, with 9,295 high mileage Sprinters compared with 4,773 Transits legally on the road.

Mercedes Sprinter
The Mercedes Sprinter topped the table for vans and taxis (Photo: Mercedes-Benz)

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The research also tallies with MotorEasy’s own findings.

Earlier this year the firm analysed 47,000 warranty plans, over a period of two and a half years and involving 33 manufacturers, to asses the number of repairs requested, as well as the cost of those fixes.

While Japanese firm Subaru topped the list – with nearest rival Honda proving almost four times more likely to need a repair – Czech brand Skoda came a respectable sixth in the top 33.

Alfa Romeo, meanwhile, was the brand most likely to break down – with 43 out of every 100 cars developing a fault each year – at an average cost of £215.

How to increase longevity

McClure Fisher says there are a number of things motorists can do to increase the longevity of their vehicles.

He explains: “Key to extending a car’s life is thorough, regular servicing and maintenance, making sure the oil and relevant filters are changed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

“Adopting a smooth driving style will also decrease wear and tear on a car’s engine and components, as well as reducing repair bills.

“Keep fluid levels topped up – with a car running low on oil a recipe for disaster.

“And also vital your car is kept clean in order to combat accelerated wear, corrosion and the dreaded rust.”

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