Nominate now for the Derbyshire Times Business Awards

The business world has had to deal with many unique problems over the past 18 months and, as a result, each one has to re-think its strategy, including how it will adapt to new circumstances or even pivot in an entirely new direction.

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Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 12:04 pm
Engineering work often had to continue despite during this time

The success of businesses in these times is something we want to celebrate, so we’ve made a few changes to our awards categories, and we won’t be asking for any financial evidence this year. For the first time we also have the opportunity for our community to nominate their Retail Hero.

Preparing your entry for the awards should provide an opportunity to reflect on the positives, rather than the negatives and to share your success with the wider community. However, merely completing an entry is worth every second of your time, as it makes you think about what you've achieved to date, where you are now and what your goals and aspirations are for the future.

We invite you to put your entries forward and join the celebration of what has been a very challenging time, and are looking forward to hearing your stories and hopefully celebrating your success at the awards ceremony scheduled to take place on Thursday, November 25 at the Casa Hotel.

Restaurants are back open after severe disruption during the pandemic.

Entries are now open and will close on 23rd September at 6pm - visit for more information and to submit an entry.

Here is the list of our award categories:

Covid Response: the past 12 months rocked our community and economic foundation. Many organisations took the opportunity to make exceptional changes, which for many allowed their business to remain viable and open to their target audience, and for others helped to support the NHS. We will reward the business that best describes their response to the crisis.

Community Initiative (sponsored by Blachford UK): we want to recognise charities, CICs, volunteer groups or community groups that are doing great things to support people in their community. We want to hear about what you do, the people and communities you help, the amazing projects you are running and the impact this is having..

Teams of workers are now starting to enjoy each other's company again

Innovation Award (sponsored by Radius by Shorts): the winning business will be able to demonstrate their ability to navigate market conditions and be at the forefront of their industry.

Apprentice of the Year: with close to a million active apprenticeships across England alone, apprenticeship schemes have fast become a preferred route to employment for thousands of school-leavers. This award recognises an apprentice who has excelled in their training and goes above and beyond for the benefit of both their business and their future career.

Team of the Year: this award recognises teams that have overcome obstacles or have shown an outstanding performance in the last 12 months. Either a team who usually work together or did so for a special project or task.

Employee of the Year: open to employers to put forward an employee who is deserving of recognition. Nominations should reflect the merit and achievements that the employee has demonstrated.

Property and Construction Award: judges will be looking for businesses in this sector who can demonstrate effective project management, excellent customer service, environmental awareness and deliver exceptional results.

Excellence in Manufacturing and Engineering (sponsored by United Cast Bar Ltd.): this award will be presented to the company that demonstrates a modern, efficient and innovative approach to manufacturing or engineering.

Professional Services Award: open to organisations of any size, we want to hear about your business and what measures you undertook to continue with your services to the community during the pandemic.

Business Leader: this award will recognise the achievements of an individual that had made an outstanding contribution to their business and industry through dedication and hard work. This person can be the owner or one of the senior leadership/management team.

New Business of the Year: open to all businesses that have been operational for less than three years (as of November 2021). Businesses should have been successful in identifying a market gap to launch a new business and be able to showcase how innovation, product development, market knowledge and effective leadership have played a part in their growth to date. We would also like an understanding of plans for future growth.

Small Business of the Year (sponsored by Premier Community): open to organisations with 15 or less staff. Judges will be interested in the ethos and background to the business, its profitability and the unique selling points, which make it a success. We would also like to hear the impact made within its sector since trading and how it has overcome any challenges it has encountered.

Retail Hero: this award is open for the public to nominate their favourite local retailer, big or small.

Customer Service Award (sponsored by Beesleys): this award aims to reward and recognise a company, individual, or team, for their outstanding achievement in providing exceptional customer service.

Lifetime Achievement Award (sponsored by Future Life Wealth Management Ltd.): the judges are looking for an individual who has had a major impact on their business and the area over a number of years. If there is someone we should consider for this award, please provide a name and brief overview of their achievements for them to be a contender.

2021 Business of the Year (sponsored by CityFibre): this award is the ultimate accolade for all our entrants, and the winner will be chosen from each of the category winners. The judges will be looking for the company/person who has shown the most enterprise, passion and drive in taking their business forward. Dedication and innovation will be key to the winner of this most prestigious award.