Lidl still 'considering options' for future of Chesterfield site

The former Lidl site on Foljambe Road.
The former Lidl site on Foljambe Road.

Lidl says it is still 'considering options' for the future of the Chesterfield site where its supermarket used to be based.

The company relocated its store from Foljambe Road to Chasworth Road earlier this month.

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On Thursday, a Lidl spokesperson said: "There's no further update on the Foljambe Road site yet.

"We're currently considering options for this site and will update local residents in due course."

On social media, hundreds of Derbyshire Times readers have said what they would like to see happen with the site.

Toni Charity echoed the views of many people by suggesting an ice rink.

Christopher Holmes said: "A supermarket of a similiar size would be handy, say an Asda."

Michael Nikes said: "Aldi."

Kyle Potter said: "Greggs."

Andrew Briggs said: "Turn it into a homeless centre."

Bernadine Clarke said: "A green space."

George Hind said: "A strip club. Chesterfield is lacking in that department."

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