Jake Quickenden and Love Island’s Chris Hughes visit antiques centre in Bolsover as a part of the BBC's Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

Celebrities joined antique experts at Bolsover Antique Centre last Sunday to record a programme which will be aired on BBC One later this year.

By Wiktoria Wrzyszcz
Wednesday, 29th June 2022, 1:16 pm

Television personalities Jake Quickenden and Chris Hughes had a walk around the centre, before picking and buying two items with the help of antique experts Irita Marriott and Izzie Balmer.

Andy Wadsworth who runs the centre said: “They phoned on Saturday to confirm they will come the following day. I was very excited for their visit, because it brings in great publicity.

“Jake Quickenden and Chris Hughes are apparently very good friends. They had a lot of interactions and joked around. At the end they went for two items. It all got filmed and will be aired on BBC.”

Chris Hughes and Izzie Balmer at Bolsover Antique Centre, Chesterfield

“As a business we are very happy, because it give us promotion. Some people are so interested in the programme that they go to every shop mentioned on the Antiques Road Trip. We had experts from the show in our centre some time ago, but it's the first time we have had the actual celebrities.”

The Celebrities Antiques Road Trip involves famous people visiting antiques shops and buying items with a help of experts. The classic version of the show involves two experts traveling around the country to purchase antiques, which are later sold at auction houses in London.

In 2017, the Bolsover Centre was featured in the traditional version of the show, alongside Chesterfield Antiques Centre on Park Road.

Mr Wadsworth said: “When the programme was aired it brought in a lot of trade. It refreshed the memory of locals and attracted new costumers.”

Jake Quickenden and Irita Marriott at Bolsover Antique Centre

Mr Wadsworth has been running the antiques shop for over five years. He took it over from the previous owner after operating at the centre as the antiques dealer.

He said: “Older items have better quality than what is being produced now and often you can get them cheaper. What makes them unique is that each one of them has its own story. It always makes me wonder who owned the antique before, how many people have touched it and what story it would tell if it could talk.”

The Bolsover Antiques Centre is located on the Castle Street in Chesterfield and is open to the costumers every day from 10.30am to 4.30pm.