‘It’s quite awful’- Chesterfield pub owner forced to close due to Covid misses crucial New Year’s period

A Chesterfield pub owner has urged people to support local pubs going into 2022, after being forced to shut during one of their busiest weeks due to Covid.

Friday, 31st December 2021, 4:44 pm
Ben Stephenson, owner of Brimming with Beer, hopes people will take the opportunity to support local venues in 2022.

Ben Stephenson, owner of Brimming With Beer in Brimington, was working alternate shifts with his other barman to try and avoid a scenario where they were both struck down with Covid. However, both have tested positive, forcing the pub to close until Friday, January 7.

Ben said: “After the year we’ve had, to then lose potentially the biggest week of the year, is quite awful really.

“I’ve got people messaging saying they were out on Christmas Eve, they got Covid and are going out tonight - some people think it's something of a right to go out at Christmas time regardless.”

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Ben said the lack of clarity around lockdowns or the return of stricter Covid measures, which would impact his business, was weighing on his mind as well.

“The uncertainty is definitely playing on my mind, I’ve had a load of beer delivered to my house today, and I’m checking dates on stuff thinking, that goes out of date in March, will I sell it?

“It sounds ridiculous, March is a long way away, but we were in this situation last year - we had beer with six months date on it, and ended up having to give it away.”

Ben also appealed for people who think they might have Covid to stay away from venues, and asked those who are negative to do their bit to support independent pubs.

“I’d urge people to be safe, keep testing, and if they think they’ve got it, don’t go into a pub and potentially ruin that person’s livelihood for the next two weeks.

“But if you’ve not got it, go out and use them - this is the year for ‘tryanuary’ to be really promoted.

“Go out and try different beers, different pubs and embrace it - if the public don’t, they’ll be very sad when loads of them are gone.”