Where is the cheapest supermarket to fill up with petrol in Chesterfield – and the most expensive?

Knowing which petrol stations sell the cheapest fuel can deliver big savings for motorists.

Friday, 18th September 2020, 12:31 pm

But the pricing of unleaded and diesel is a complicated affair, involving competition between retailers, taxes and the wholesale cost of oil – meaning it can be quite a hunt to find a place to fill up for less.

However, the website PetrolPrices.com ranks the going rate for different forecourts in particular areas, relying on reports from real-life drivers.

According to its users, the cheapest petrol station to fill up a tank with unleaded within a five-mile radius of Chesterfield is at Morrisons in Staveley, where on September 16 the price was 107.9p per litre.

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A man fills up his car from a petrol pump at a garage. Picture: Paul Ellis/AFP via Getty Images.

The most costly location for unleaded, according to the website, is Markham Vale services at junction 29A of the M1, where the price was 151.9p per litre on September 16.

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For diesel, meanwhile, the cheapest petrol station listed is again at the Morrisons supermarket in Staveley, where the pump price was 112.9p per litre on September 16.

And as before the website’s most costly location for diesel is Markham Vale services, where the price was 153.9p per litre on September 16.

A woman replaces a fuel nozzle in a petrol pump at a petrol station. Picture: Anthony Devlin/AFP via Getty Images.

Breakdown and insurance company the RAC has issued a guide to motorists with tips on finding the cheapest fuel. It recommends that people become familiar with the filling stations close to where they live and work, and take advantage of supermarket ‘price wars’.

“Supermarkets – as well as other fuel retailers – run loyalty card schemes, and while they might clog up your purse or wallet, they can come in handy in cutting fuel costs. The more you fill up, the more points you’ll accrue – you can then exchange these for vouchers off your next fill-up,” the RAC says.

“Some credit card companies offer cashback for spending money at filling stations. While it might not actually save you money at the pumps, it will offset higher petrol or diesel prices by putting something back in your account. Just remember to pay off your account within the month or savings will be cancelled out.

“However, the main way to save money on fuel is to drive efficiently.”

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