Chesterfield chef sets up new street food van serving ‘traditional’ pasta, gourmet sandwiches and loaded fries

An Italian chef based in Chesterfield is looking to bring a taste of his home country to the town with his new street food van.

Friday, 6th May 2022, 10:57 am
Updated Friday, 6th May 2022, 10:59 am

Ugo Marrone is the former owner of Ciuri Ciuri, an Italian restaurant in Chesterfield town centre. He sold the restaurant during the pandemic, and has now launched his new venture – Mangiamo Street Kitchen.

Mangiamo is translated as ‘let’s eat’ in Italian, and Ugo’s mobile kitchen travels around the town serving a range of meals, offering everything from authentic pasta dishes to gourmet sandwiches.

Ugo said: “I do fresh homemade pasta, gourmet sandwiches and loaded fries as well. It’s all about big portions and traditional recipes – the pasta is our own, and we don’t put egg on it, so we can use it for our vegan dishes too.

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Ugo’s menu has something for everyone, with vegan dishes on offer too.

“There’s not many food trucks out there that do pasta – it’s something that hasn’t been seen before in Chesterfield.”

Ugo’s family hails from Palermo, Sicily – the inspiration for his sister’s Sicily Restaurant on Sheffield Road. Ugo parks his van at the Vicar Lane shopping centre most weekends, and customers can also find him outside pubs across the town.

Ugo said he has plans to bring MSK to festivals in the summer, and hoped that the people of Chesterfield would support a small business offering a traditional taste of Italy.

“We’ve been running for a few weeks now, and things are going well so far – people seem to appreciate what we’re doing.

Mangiamo Street Kitchen’s owner, Ugo Marrone, and Coel Martin.

“There’s plenty of big international names like McDonald’s in Chesterfield, but this is a small business that can provide the same things, and have all our ingredients sourced locally. I do the shopping in the Chesterfield market, so the meat for the steak sandwiches, for example, is from a local butcher.

“I really believe in what we are doing and what we can bring to people in Chesterfield – we can show people what Italian food is for us.”

To find where Mangiamo Street Kitchen is next, or to view their menu, head to their Facebook or Instagram.