Hamlet for gamer geeks

Videogame geekery and Shakespeare combine in an explosive show packed full of physical comedy, video projection and musical mayhem.'¨Game design is all about giving the player the illusion of meaningful choice, making you feel like your decisions have weight and impact.

Thursday, 13th July 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:42 am
Edward Day's Hamlet.
Edward Day's Hamlet.

Hamlet is a story about a person unable to make any decisions, weighed down by tragic circumstances, struggling to will himself to avenge his dad’s death.

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Edward Day has taken more than 100 videogame quotes, visual references and pieces of music and woven them into the story of Hamlet, dying again and again as he fails at life. He’s turned Ophelia into a gamer geek with a penchant for samurai swords, the graveyard scene into a zombie shootout and the final fight with Laertes and poisoned swords into an epic boss battle with a giant mechanical beast, spewing clouds of noxious gas.

Catch Super Hamlet 64: Parody DLC at Green Man Gallery, Buxton, on July 14, 17 and 19.

Tickets £10, call 01298 937375.