Discover Poole’s Cavern darkest secrets in Sheridan Shacklewaite’s light-hearted tour

Buxton Fringe Festival starts this week promising a three-week bumper bundle of music, theatre, comedy and spoken word events.

Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 8:39 am
Sheridan Shacklethwaite.

Sheridan Shacklethwaite’s Stalactite Secrets is one of the opening day’s productions on Wednesday and will take the audience to Poole’s Cavern.

Septugenarian amateur historian and broadcaster Sheridan is delighted to be participating in the Fringe Festival for the first time this year.

He will be guiding visitors on a light-hearted tour of the limestone cave from July 3 to 10 and from July 14 to 17, He’ll be sharing stories of strange rituals held down there over the years, some carefully researched and others made up. Come and hear all about the Poached Egg Chamber, the Flitch of Bacon and Seventh Heaven in this underground cathedral of wonderment.

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Poole’s Cavern is believed to be more than two million years old. It is named after a 15th century outlaw called Poole, who used it as his hiding place when robbing passing travellers. Now designated a Site of Specific Scientific Interest, visitors can explore more than 1,000 feet into the hillside, the first part of which is wheelchair accessible.

To book tickets, go to or call 01298 72190.