Stainsby Festival's golden celebration and a double standing ovation for Dizraeli

Merry-making is in full swing on Stainsby Festival's field of gold.

Saturday, 21st July 2018, 4:46 pm
Updated Saturday, 21st July 2018, 4:57 pm
Stainsby Festival
Stainsby Festival

The 50th celebration has drawn some of the most popular musicians and singers from down the years and families are enjoying the start of the school holidays.

Martha Tilston and Lost Padres are among performers tomorrow (Sunday) when the festival’s birthday will be celebrated in style at Brunts Farm, Stainsby, near Heath.

Tonight sees the public premiere of a collaboration between nationally renowned singers Judy Dunlop and Edwina Hayes.

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And it’s the last performance by Stainsby favourites Loscoe State Opera who top the bill in what promises to be a very special concert.

The sun is making fleeting appearances to ensure that nothing is going to rain on Stainsby’s parade.

Even a downpour last night failed to stop the opening ceremony going ahead as planned.

Festival history was made on the main stage when Dizraeli got a standing ovation midway through his set and a second one when he finished his performance.

He brought the house down yet again having done it first time around as frontman with the Small Gods.

Now a solo artist, he’s a West Country rapper spouting poetry from the streets and a mean guitarist who knows how to work a crowd.

However, using the f-word - which he did repeatedly in one song - is never a good move at a family festival and even Dizraeli realised he’d crossed the line. For every punter who walked out, there were dozens who stayed for the rest of his performance.

His awesome vocal range was at its best in a song which was inspired by his mum breaking her pelvis while pruning roses.

Dizraeli had had a few demons to conquer since his last appearance at Stainsby, bravely telling us he’d had “a bit of breakdown” . His new album, The Unmaster, tell of that journey and will be released in December thanks to Crowdfunding supporters who have raised £20,000 towards production and distribution.

Rounding off Friday night’s main stage entertainment Apple of My Eye Eye ticked the box marked wholesome entertainment.

With their families watching them from the front row - three members of the band had become dads since they last played the festival - Apple of my Eye put on a real variety show which included a quirky song entitled Polar Bear.

There were mellow folk, tunes and great harmonisation in several songs, including Xandor, to ease us in gently then it was full throttle party time.

A song about black sheep in families got the revellers dancing and they never stopped. The Beast Below and Brother James, from the new album, were lapped up as was the action sing-song finale about firing a cannon at a giant squid. All good, clean, family fun.