Review: My Romantic History by Reform Theatre Company

How do couples get together? And why do they stay together?

Thursday, 27th February 2014, 1:00 pm

That’s the condundrum explored in the story of Tom and Amy, the lead characters of My Romantic History, a new play brought to the Pomegranate last Friday night by Reform Theatre Company.

The answer to the first part is easy. Nine times out of ten they work in the same place.

The second part is more complicated.

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Tom’s and Amy’s relationship is one of classic misunderstanding. Neither of them wants it to continue, but nor can they work out how to end it. And then they are overtaken by events.

Ryan Cerenko and Fiona Organ played Tom and Amy, both slightly inadequate on the emotional front, and slightly desperate as they wave goodbye to their youth.

Samantha Edwards played workmate Sasha, and an assortment of mothers and friends.

It was a slice of thirty-something life, a subject brought to the fore by the Bridget Jones genre of literature: sometimes funny, mostly sad, always bittersweet – but the play had very little new light to shed on a well worn topic.