Bands showcase their sound on new internet station Spire Radio

Bands have a platform to air their music on a new internet radio station.

Wednesday, 26th August 2015, 8:31 am
Geoff Cox, managing director (far right) with Paul Wragsdale (studio director) at the controls and members of the Spire Radio team.
Geoff Cox, managing director (far right) with Paul Wragsdale (studio director) at the controls and members of the Spire Radio team.

Spire Radio began broadcasting to the world from its base in Chesterfield this month.

Three of its presenters Kyla Tranter, Jack Kennedy and Elise Morgan are offering groups and singers the opportunity to share their creations.

Kyla said: “We’re doing a youth and new music show, focusing on bands throughout Dronfield, Sheffield and Chesterfield and getting their music out there. Jack added: “We’ll be playing their music online and reviewing their shows.”

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Spire Radio’s managing director Geoff Cox said: “By providing artists with the chance to come in and talk about their music, their influences and ambitions Spire is reaching out to the youth that have seen all programming of this nature all but disappear from North Derbyshire.”

The station, which will broadcast around the clock, has interviews by hit-makers Nik Kershaw and Chesney Hawkes in the bag and will air music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

Sport and musical theatre will also feature in programmes and the station will be reaching out to schools, charities and community organisations to come on board.

Based in West Bars House, Chesterfield, Spire Radio was set up by Geoff and the station’s studio manager Paul Wragsdale who previously worked together on the internet station Castle FM. Paul’s previous experience includes Peak 107 and the internet station Regency Radio.

The Spire Radio team includes James Hilton, who has more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, having worked on Peak 107, Mansfield 103 and other stations and John Allan who has done a stint on the BBC.

Paul Wragsdale said: “Every member of the team is from the region so we know how the area is made up and what makes it tick, and we want to become the voice of North Derbyshire.

“Spire will initially broadcast on line at and through the Tune-in app by searching Spire Radio (available on all mobile devices - mobiles and tablets).

“The long term goal is to apply for a DAB licence when Ofcom make a decision on whether the small scale DAB project they are currently trialling, is a long term success. Unfortunately, we’ve just missed out on a round of FM licence applications but that said, Ofcom want to eventually turn off analogue FM radio which means every station will be where Spire start!”