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SOMETIMES the most unlikely of combinations work surprisingly well.

Peaches and pork, love and marriage, Little and er Large, well, you get the idea anyway.

Now two Derbyshire musicians, Ian Redford and Glenn Birks have teamed up to produce an album of impressive originality.

The Horseflies Ate My Brain CD is the first product of the Birks Redford Project.

Sixteen tracks open with the lounged wit of Humboldt Squids, where there’s a playful sense of what’s to come.

Eighties Summer shows Glenn’s love of the Stranglers and JJ Burnel’s barracuda bass sound in particular.

Dream Of... meanwhile has a jazz disco feel and wide open space - it wouldn’t disgrace one of George Michael’s later albums.

Change In The Weather kicks off with the shipping forecast then mixes Marillion sounds into a gumshoe detective narrative, while the title track offers a boogie 12-bar blues workout, with some top guitar licks.

The album’s ‘single’ is Fresno Girl which again mixes Glenn’s Stranglers style bass work with Ian’s panoramic keys and features some great guest vocals from American actress and voice-over ace Catherine Provenza.

Many of these tracks feature stories or characters and the open feel, especially on the instrumental tracks, puts you in mind of film soundtrack material.

With a slick, glossy lead guitar sound, you imagine it’d be a movie directed by Michael Mann too.

The driving bass and killer lead licks of one half of the collaboration might seem strange bedfellows for the keys, organ and snyth of the other - but in fact they work brilliantly together.

Each adds subtle shades and colouring to the other’s playing, creating a genuinely innovative and imaginative collection that offers plenty of food for thought.

The impressive video for Fresno Girl is well worth checking out on YouTube and you can find out more about the band at

The album is available from Hudson’s Records, Chesterfield, now.