Lunchtime grub goes down well

NDET 22-6-12 BWJ 8 Upper Crust, Chesterfield Mystery Diner.
NDET 22-6-12 BWJ 8 Upper Crust, Chesterfield Mystery Diner.
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It’s lunchtime and there are one or two rumbling stomachs in the Derbyshire Times office….

We can’t have that so this calls for a trip to Upper Crust, situated opposite the post office in Chesterfield town centre.

It’s got to be one of the best-known lunchtime food shops in town, selling all sorts from mouth-watering sandwiches to appetising jacket potatoes and cakes.

After much deliberation, I opted for the huge Chesterfield Spire sandwich (£3.10) then hastily returned the office for an eagerly-awaited taste test.

Here are some of my colleagues’ verdicts…

Deep fill sandwich fans, rejoice! Upper Crust’s Chesterfield Spire sandwich is here and it’s packed to the rafters with a mountain of top-tasting fillings. Bursting from a breadcake case is freshly cooked ham and crunchy coleslaw, teamed with grated cheese, pickled beetroot and a touch of salad greenery to boot. This isn’t your ordinary ham and cheese sarnie, it’s a feast-fit-for-a-king rammed into a roll the size of a dinner plate. If you prefer your sandwiches on the tame side, this beast of a butty isn’t for you. It’s a mighty meal for one, or a standard size lunch for two, and like the landmark from which it draws its name, the Spire sandwich is surely set to become a Chesterfield institution.

RATING: Four stars

Packed with more fillings than Augustus Gloop’s dental records, the Chesterfield Spire sandwich is a meal in a mouthful. Made up of cheese, ham, coleslaw and beetroot, it’s a hearty and satisfying butty which would see off the biggest appetite. The crisp cucumber provides a crunch while the coleslaw means the sandwich is anything but dry.

RATING: Three stars

The Chesterfield Spire sandwich is, quite simply, a perfect lunchtime treat. Packed with a host of delicious fillings, this stunning butty really filled a hungry hole.

RATING: Three stars

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