Light touch to heavy tome

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God of War, the epic story of Alexander the Great, is heavy.

In hardback, with over 700 pages, Christian Cameron’s tome weighs about the same as a bag of sugar.

And yet it’s ‘unputdownable’.

From the perspective of Ptolemy, one of Alexander’s trusted aides and boyhood friends, Christian tells the story of Alexander’s youth, violent accession to the throne and his subsequent battles to rule the world as it was known around Macedonia from 356 to 323BC.

Whether it lives up to the publisher’s hype of being the definitive record of Alexander’s life only an historian could tell you.

That it is one of the “most exciting historical epics ever written”, again part of the publisher’s hype, is not open to debate as you live the battles with Ptolemy.

It’s a good read.

The book is physically heavy but Christian, a writer and military historian, delivers his prose with a light touch, as anyone who has read any of his earlier works will attest.

God of War, the epic story of Alexander the Great, is published by Orion Books - £18.99 in hardback or £9.99 as an ebook.