Good moaning!

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Cry, cringe, giggle, gasp - watching The Vagina Monologues is a bit like a sexual encounter with a new partner.

It’s daring, it’s unpredictable, it makes you blush but you never forget it.

Even if you’re a theatre tart who has previous experience of the show, there’s always something exciting, something new to stimulate your interest when you watch it again.

Currently doing the rounds with Vicky Entwhistle, Clare Buckfield and Chelsee Heeley in the hot seats, the 2012 production namechecks TOWIE, Adele and Michael Buble and flags up the strides being made to rehabilitate rape victims in the war-torn Congo.

Best known as Coronation Street’s gobby knicker-stitcher Janice Battersby, Vicky Entwhistle proves there’s scope for her beyond Weatherfield’s cobbles. Vicky is equally at home characterising elderly American, Londoner and lah-di-dah lady from the Home Counties, the latter bringing the house down with posh pronunciations of a very rude word.

Clare Buckfield’s multiple depictions of women in the throes of passion rob Meg Ryan of her crown as queen of fake orgasm.

Bowing out of telly’s Waterloo Road, theatre virgin Chelsee Healey brings girlish charm to the show. Her self-conscious giggles melted the hearts of the supportive sisterhood who packed out the Pomegranate Theatre in Chesterfield on Friday.

The Vagina Monologues, with Vicky, Clare and Chelsee, calls at Mansfield’s Palace Theatre on October 16.

Hayley Tamaddon takes over from Chelsee for the show’s visits to Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre on October 30, Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall on October 31 and Buxton Opera House on November 28.