Folkwaves is streaming in

Mick Peat and Lester Simpson lat the recording of Folkwaves.
Mick Peat and Lester Simpson lat the recording of Folkwaves.

POPULAR folk music show, Folkwaves is about to return to the scene, but this time as an hour-long programme on the internet.

Folkwaves was one of the most popular music programmes on BBC in the East Midlands for almost 25 years when, alongside other specialist music broadcasts, the BBC axed the show back in December 2010. This brought about an unprecedented outcry from the general public and folk fans alike. However, protests, letters of complaint, and an active Facebook “Bring back Folkwaves” campaign did not sway the BBC into a U-turn, and Folkwaves was no more.

Owing to public demand, however, Alan Morley, Founder of UK Folk Music has taken up the task to “Bring back Folkwaves” on the internet, and the pilot programme is being launched today, Tuesday, May 1.

Folkwaves’ original presenters, Mick Peat and Lester Simpson, renowned for their diverse mix of music and songs from the folk scene, are hosting the show once more, and will be playing music again from the great resurgence in folk and acoustic music!

John Tams, record producer, musician, singer and actor, has also been involved in the production, and has taken time out from his musical work on “War Horse” to add his knowledge and enthusiasm to Folkwaves. The Folkwaves programme was recorded by Paul Hopkinson at the Foundry Studio, Chesterfield.

Lots of Folkwaves listeners have expressed a wish to get together for the first airing, so UK Folk Music, which is hosting the website, are running an event at the Nailers Football Club, Bridge Street, Belper, tonight (May 1) at 8pm.

The programme will be played in-house, followed by a music session. There’s free admission, so bring your instrument and voice or just come along for a social evening.

To access the Folkwaves programme, hit