Bouncers remix is a grin and tonic

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It’s been around for 35 years, but it hasn’t aged a bit. John Godber’s remix of his classic dark comedy Bouncers is as relevant, and as hilarious, as it was back in the 1970s.

OK, so it’s had a few updates. Bob Diamond, Claudia Winkleman, gun crime and jeggings all get a mention. But give or take a few disco lights, tunes and minor details, nothing has really changed. Then again, neither has the world the play satirises.

Lucky Eric, the philosophical bouncer (Ian Reddington), still views everything with a cynical eye. Ralph (Ace Bhatti) is still the cool, sexy one. Judd (William Ilkley) still wants to get stuck in at the first sign of trouble. And Les (Don Gilet) is still a bit of a loser.

The nightclub’s customers, four skimpily dressed girls and four bladdered boys, also make several appearances, and Godber uses them to slide in his digs at real life like a stiletto blade. It’s so subtle you hardly feel the pain through the laughter.

The updated version is sharp, observant, and very, very funny – just like the original.

Bouncers is at the Pomegranate till Saturday.