Artist’s work lights up in Times Square

A contemporary artist is set to have her work showcased on a giant billboard in Times Square, New York this evening.

Georgia Peskett, whose studio is based on Storforth Lane Trading Estate, Chesterfield, is delighted that her San Francisco cityscape has been selected for the animated collage.

The painting, titled ‘Ascending, with Red Kite’ will feature alongside a range of other works in the hour-long video curated by New York company See|Me. The work was previously showcased at Birmingham NEC Spring Fair.

Georgia is hoping that her friends in New York will be able to photograph her work at the famous tourist destination, also known as The Crossroads of the World. The artist said: “This is great exposure and very exciting news for me. I am part of a website where artists upload their work. They were seeking pictures for this collage and chose mine.”

The painting was inspired by Georgia’s last trip to San Francisco where her father, who is also an artist, lives.

During the trip Georgia took lots of photographs of the city’s architecture which she used as inspiration for the oil on canvas piece. “The painting is currently in a gallery in Cheshire but it will be coming back to my studio soon,” Georgia added. Her work, which is currently showcasing nationwide in Edinburgh, Windsor and Cheshire is informed by photographs, includes paintings of Derbyshire architecture. Georgia, whose style is inspired by Peter Doig, David Hockney and Edward Hopper, is currently exploring the concept of hope in fortune and hope in waiting in a series of paintings.

To view more of Georgia’s artistic work visit her website