STAVELEY: Grease is the word for Springwell College and Netherthorpe School

NDET 1-2-13 MC 9
Grease Dress Rehearsal at Springwell School

NDET 1-2-13 MC 9 Grease Dress Rehearsal at Springwell School

Of all the shows in all the world, two schools in the same town stage Grease in the same week.

It may be pure coincidence but the timing has shades of the rivalry surrounding the T-BIrds and Scorpions in the iconic musical.

Springwell Community College at Middlecroft and Netherthorpe School have gone head to head with their productions at the same time this week, leaving Staveley residents spoilt for choice.

Standing ovations have been the reception from spectators at Springwell so far. The audience were on their feet before the cast had even sung a note at Tuesday’s opening performance. Last night (Wednesday) the awesome accolade came after the 50 performers had worked their white ankle socks off to entertain a packed house on a snowy night.

Can Springwell make it three standing ovations in a row on Valentine’s night for their last show this evening? It’s a sure thing!

There’s plenty to love in this production of Grease from a college which prides itself in the quality of its performance arts’ productions.

An innovative and imaginative production contains video footage of a spectacular car race down Middlecroft Road which makes it very much Springwell’s own show.

The performers’ energy and enthusiasm is infectious, the costumes are creative and there’s a seven-piece band with a little drummer boy from year 7 to accompany the hand-jiving, cha-cha-charming cast.

Neat singing and great interaction from sweethearts Jodie Martin and Josh Wilde playing the wide-eyed, innocent Sandy and cool cat Danny, from Maddison Oakley and Evan Martin as the sparky couple Rizzo and Kenickie as well as Josh Holmes as dance captain in charge of a twinkle-toed troupe make this one of the best performances of Grease that I’ve had the pleasure to watch.

Choreography is electrifying, especially the boys’ well-drilled dancing and acrobatics in the Greased Lightning song.

Cracking comedy from Sophie Littlewood and Liam Gilliver as geeky Patty and Eugene and Tia Giove as the foodaholic Jan raise the fun factor in this colourful show.

Grease is the word and a feather in the cap for director Jen Cooper in her debut for Springwell, technical director Cuan Jacques, musical director Katie Pettit and choreographer Caroline Hoyle.





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