Rocking indie aces are flying high



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There’s quite a buzz developing around Derbyshire 
quartet The Indieannas.

Which is pretty impressive when you consider they only released their debut single on Monday.

But if it’s a taste of things to come, the band have a big future in front of them.

Flying High is clearly a statement of intent as well as a musical call to arms.

The chunky, punky opening riff is followed by insistent, urgent vocals that are hard not to be swept along by.

It’s an epic stadium-rocking, chorus-shouting anthem.

The band’s other release to date, the free download Money Man picked up acclaim and an award for its accompaning promo video.

It too is a euphoric dance rock rush with a Gallagher swagger and another killer chorus.

There are some lovely high harmonies and a drum track that’s tighter than The Hulk’s underpants.

Both tracks have a slick polish and top-drawer production that is perhaps just a little too clean cut, when a dirtier, roughed up sound might have given them a bit more edge.

Still it holds out the tantalising prospect of what the band sound like live and the studio sound is very speaker friendly.

Expect to hear them on a radio near you soon.

The band’s Flying High single is out now on Sound Hub records.

For more details visit the band’s website at

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