Chesterfield FC blog: Never underestimate the power of the fans

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The key element to any win is the application of the team and their performance as a whole.

However, I can’t help but think that the sell-out crowd and the immense atmosphere generated by the home support on Saturday afternoon gave a helping hand in achieving the three points.

In an ideal world, this would be the case every single week, although fixtures against the likes of Sheffield United don’t come around all that often. There’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that it made an impact, almost like pulling the ball into Mark Howard’s net itself.

Evidently, I’m not the only one thinking along these lines. Paul Cook has stated many times in the past that fans have a huge part to play in football clubs, ultimately creating the surrounding atmosphere for a side to flourish.

Even in defeat at Doncaster Rovers, the huge depth of the travelling support had a positive influence on the team and in the end felt extremely unfortunate not come away with at least a point. T

he previous game against Notts County is another prime example, although a certain Roy Carroll turned up to spoil that particular weekend.

If the people of Chesterfield can pull together and replicate the level of support shown in recent weeks, then there’s a much greater chance of achieving something special this season.

It has to be a collective effort, all for one and one for all.

United you stand and divided you fall, it’s no different in Chesterfield.

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Chesterfield 3 Sheff United 2