Blues ground renamed Proact Stadium

Chesterfield FC ground renamed the Proact Stadium
Chesterfield FC ground renamed the Proact Stadium
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Chesterfield FC’s Whittington Moor ground has been re-named the Proact Stadium for the start of the 2012/13 season.

The rebrand to Proact UK follows on from the acquisition of local storage integrator and cloud provider b2net by Swedish-owned firm, Proact, in April 2011.

The natural partnership between the companies furthers expertise, experience and scale and has seen the UK growth continue with innovative products such as the recently launched Probox, a secure file sharing service for the enterprise.

Chesterfield FC chief executive Chris Turner said: “We’re looking forward to working with Proact. It’s the start of a bright new era for the club and it’s perhaps fitting that the stadium now has a new name.”

Both Proact UK and Chesterfield Football Club share similar values, in terms of their respective success, growth and of paving the way for a bright and dynamic future.

Pictured is Chris Turner, centre, Proact FD Paul Marshall, left, and company operations manager Glen Linsell. Photo by Tina Jenner.