COLUMN: George Woolgar’s top tip for putting

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Hello, I’m George Woolgar, I’m the Tournament Golf Professional attached at Chesterfield Golf Club and welcome to my column.

Here you will be able to find out what it’s like out on tour, tips on improving your game and what I’m up to over the winter before the new season starts. In my first column, let’s look at putting.

One of the main fundamentals for me in putting, and what I mostly work on is alignment. This is so important, if the putter face isn’t square to your intended line then you’ll have to compensate something in your stroke to hole the putt. So when I’m practising there’s a few things I use to make sure I’m square. First thing which I use a lot is a string line, all this is my home made version, all you need is some string and two knitting needles.

I set up the string on the putting green on my intended line, I set my putter underneath the string, this will tell me if I have the putter in the correct position or not, if it isn’t then I know I’m not in line correctly.

I really like this drill because it’s easy to do and you get great visual feedback from it, which is really important so you know you are practising with a purpose.

So to take this onto the course there’s one thing which I use to help me make sure that I’m aimed correctly, I draw a line on my ball with a marker pen.

This is key for me and, in my opinion, it makes life a lot easier. I position the line on my golf ball to my intended line and then I square my putter with the line it has on it.

When I do this correctly this shows me that I’m 100 per cent square and aimed in the right direction, if this is so all I can do is trust my stroke and hopefully I have read the line correctly to hole the putt.

So, if I know that I’m 100 per cent square at set up it gives me massive confidence to trust my stroke and make everything. I hope this will help, it’s a very simple thing which people take for granted. Enjoy, happy golfing and hole every putt.