So much for caring for the customer

ON the odd occasions that I decide to travel home by bus rather than use my own legs, I always aim to tender the correct fare.

I would not, for example, attempt to offer a note for a ticket that was less then £2.

Understandable, from the operator’s perspective.

Out of practicalities, time constraints and carried float, one should accept that restriction.

However, what I find to be rather pathetic and totally non-customer focused was a recent experience where I was not given complete change from my two £1 coins as the driver did not have the right coinage to do so.

The attitude was very much a case of ‘that’s all you are going to get’!

At the end of the day, it was only 10p. But my question to the driver that, under the circumstances, didn’t he think that he should have charged me less was met with an arrogance and ‘make sure you have the right fare next time’. Personally, I do not think that £2 for a £1.70 journey was unreasonable.

What disappoints me more was the lack of disregard.

No apology, no attempt to ask other passengers for change.

No care, quite frankly.

The principle of the matter is the standard of the customer relationship. The amount insignificant; my subsequent call to Stagecoach head office probably cost more than I actually lost.

My final thought on the matter.

If I had asked for a £1.70 ticket but only had £1.60, would I have been given the ticket?

Probably not.

Based on what I encountered on this particular day, most definitely a shorter journey.

Incidentally, the Stagecoach never asked for my name and address when I rang to discuss the issue.

Something missing there that speaks volumes.