Shame on owners who don’t clear up

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I am sending my letter in as a plea to the dog owners of Chesterfield who seem to have forgotten how to clean up after their pets!

From where I live, just off Sheffield Road, with my two young children, it has become impossible to go anywhere – be it the nursery run, a walk into town or just to the local shop, without treading in, or weaving my pram around great piles of dog mess.

Sometimes it’s either a case of pushing my pram through it and spreading it into my children’s home, or walking into the road to avoid it.

The problem seems to be escalating. Nobody seems to care anymore.

Why is this happening?

Why aren’t owners being responsible?

Why aren’t the council clamping down?

Dog faeces can cause blindness in children and its disgusting.

If you own a dog please think of others and clean up.

It’s the least you can do for your neighbourhood and its residents.