Save moaning for the things that matter

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It is becoming more and more annoying to see articles in our favourite paper about cars parked on pavements and local residents moaning about it!

OK, he/she has parked on the pavement! So what?

The local who took the picture of that red car was ever so quick to mention the risks about potential accidents from pedestrians manoeuvring their way onto the road and disabled wheelchair users being unable to pass through.

In ancient China they used to say ‘a picture is worth of 1000 words’ and in that picture that you published, you can clearly see that not one, but TWO wheelchairs could still use the pavement even if they attempted to do it at the same time, side by side!!

I don’t understand what is the point he was trying to make by mentioning the disabled users.

May I say that some people need to understand that the world does NOT evolve around the disable people.

I’m not ignorant, I have lived and worked with disabled people, and I know first hand that ‘spoon feeding’ them all the time doesn’t do them any favours.

As for ‘able’ pedestrians you can also clearly see that they can STILL use that pavement even though the car is parked on it!

The possibility of a wheelchair user wanting to use that pavement on a Saturday between 3 and 5pm, is less than 1% , ie. on 200 occasions you might find that there is less than two incident of a disable person crossing that path during that time.

In the contrary, the possibility of that car blocking the traffic on that Saturday for the specified time is 100%, which means it is most likely that a car will have to stop in order to let the oncoming vehicle pass first.

People need to understand the benefits that this new stadium brings to our community, the greatest of which is the revenue raised.

Please try to save the moaning for the things that really matter.

Nick Pappas