Prized pics

I would like to say how much I have enjoyed looking at the readers’ photos that have been sent to you.

I used to be a keen photographer until illness prevented me from doing so and I would have been proud to have any of my photos placed alongside some of those in this section of the newspaper, there are some very talented people out there.

I like the landscapes as this used to be my favourite subject but I think my favourite of all those printed so far has to be the goldfinch in the thistle bush from about three weeks ago, it was just beautiful.

I don’t know if you reward the photographers in any way but what about having a photo of the year competition, pick the best one from every month and let the readers vote for their favourite of the year, just like the baby competition and give a prize.

The monthly winners would also make a nice calendar.

Mr R Williams


Editor’s note: We are delighted with the number of pictures sent to us by our readers and we are currently planning a Young Photographer of the Year competition to give greater recognition to younger contributors - so watch this space.!