Please think again

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When Tesco redeveloped the Angel Inn on Derby Road, the planning application said that the proposed alterations to the site have fully considered the site and the character of the surrounding area. What a pity the developers of the Manor College site have not followed the same criteria.

Many people will remember Chetwynd House, which was built on the site of the old Market Place Station, and apparently designed without thought for its situation.

It had a relatively short life and few would have mourned its demolition and replacement with another office block, but one which blends in with its surroundings.

The architects of the new building appear to have shown a similar disregard for the character of the surrounding area, which is particularly apparent when it is viewed from the south.

This is a view that hundreds live with, and thousands see every day as they travel into town.

It would remain a landmark building but for the wrong reasons.

Think again and there might be less opposition to the scheme.

Janet Murphy