Plea to do the right thing

On Friday, March 30, one of our clients visited the toilets in The Pavements in Chesterfield at about 3pm.

He put down his camera and forgot to pick it up. When he went back a short time later, it had gone.

I know this is a long shot but if the person who picked up the camera could just return the memory stick we would be very grateful.

The gentleman this belong to was very upset as he has, after a lot of setbacks, managed to find a hobby he can do and was really pleased with the pictures he had taken. If the person who has the camera would put the memory stick through the letter box of the “Nenna Kind “ cancer centre we will return it to him.

The centre is next to the Subway sandwich shop in the New Square, please use the top letter box

We hope there is some honest person out there!


Nenna Kind Cancer Support Centre