One-man planning protest over toilets

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Having been the only objector at the planning committee meeting of August 31, I write to express my amazement at how the planning proposal to convert the public toilets into an empty (and unrentable) shop were passed by ten votes to three.

Only 3 councillors could see that this idea has the potential to be a millstone around the neck. All over Britain at the moment there are empty shops. Every town.

No exceptions.

Should it be converted, it will lie vacant for years and generate no income whatever for the council.

I have to say also that the report to the planners on which this vote was carried was vague, full of personal opinion by the author, and low on fact, whereas the other applications that day were detailed in the extreme.

This vote was passed without consideration for the volume of users, and because finance is not part of planning, without proper consideration for value for money... OUR money.

With this plan proceeding, obviously the finance is available, so why not spend it on a proper refit of the facilities and installation of a 20p turnstile in order to be both partially self-financing and to deter those who misuse the facilities.

By the time this letter goes to print, I will have handed in a petition of 821 names of those of us who say to Bolsover District Council that they are wrong in this decision and that they should please think again for tourists and residents alike.

Tim Levers

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