No 4x4 complaints in the bad weather

WITH regard to the letter concerning the proposal to do away with the 4x4s used by environmental services and Derbyshire County Council.

I do not remember any complaints about gas guzzling and fuel efficiency when these vehicles were the only ones able to negotiate the treacherous road conditions and off road situations during the severe weather we had during this last winter, ferrying nurses, care workers, food parcels, medicines and even patients to hospital.

These vehicles are used in various driving conditions and places where normal vehicles cannot go.

With regard to the number available, there were still not enough to go round and farmers were asked to help out which they happily did.

Perhaps the person concerned thinks that a 250cc moped would do the job instead.

Maybe we should also do away with the gritting lorries and snow ploughs as they are only used during the winter or how about fire engines, after all they are just standing idle waiting for a fire or some other emergency.

Bear in mind, you don’t miss the water until the well runs dry.

And no, I don’t work for any local authority, but I would rather see my council using our hard earned money to maintain welfare services than going on luncheons and trips abroad for councillors and other stray dignitaries.


Victoria Road