Lovely smooth surface

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How wonderful it was to be greeted by a lovely smooth and safe tarmac driveway as I entered the lower entrance to Spital Cemetery in Chesterfield. I wish to thank Cllr John Burrows, for acting so swiftly to replace the dangerous and unsightly pot-holed surface with a decent one, following my prompting on the recent phone-in to Radio Sheffield.

Over at Trinity Church, Newbold Road, it is lovely to see the lilac coloured crocus’ making their appearance once again, despite all the debris blown off the trees in the graveyard surrounding this historic site. Thousands of these short-lived blooms make their annual presence known to the town of Chesterfield. Unfortunately, its a shame that many down and outs still congregate in the church grounds and discard their empty cans and smashed bottles.

Lets hope this serious blot on society is also addressed in the coming year.

Geoff A. Evans